Off late there have been growing number of stories of malware issues and security problems with Apple Products. Today comes another story that Apple iPads have serious security bug that exposes its customers to hackers.

Some Apple customers choose to jail break their devices so they can download and run applications that are not approved by Apple or use iPhone phones on networks of carriers that are not approved by Apple.

Security experts warned that criminal hackers could download that code, reverse engineer it to identify a hole in iOS security and build a piece of malicious software within a few days.

Apple’s superiority, when it comes to security, is not a given. Any claims that Apple or it’s fans have made in the past were not given a real world test, not until now.┬áThat is not to say Apple products are inferior to it’s competition, far from it. Apple makes some of the best technology products out there in the market – a cut above the rest in most categories. It is just that hackers, malware creators, virus makers don’t want to attack a platform that no one uses. It is clear that those pesky malwares, trojan horses, viruses on your platform is, largely, a function of it’s popularity.

Apple is not made in heaven. It is made by normal imperfect human beings. Is that considered blasphemy?


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