Two days after its reentry into the U.S market with the launch of its premier Windows Phone, Lumia 900, Nokia reminded investors that all is not well just yet at Espoo. Analysts eager to pass judgement without analysis were quick to pounce on the opportunity – to rain on Nokia’s parade – a seemingly successful comeback to the North American market(the new smartphone models topped the charts on Amazon at best seller phone  1 & 2)

Here is a small list of things that escaped analysts’ attention.

  1. It is no secret that Nokia’s traditional symbian smartphone business is in trouble. Analysts should not be surprised by this, but they were. The question is whether the new Lumia sales will move up fast enough to compensate for the decline in Symbian sales. They should not expect miracles in this department
  2. Lumia line was launched only a couple of weeks before the last holiday season, that too only in 6 countries. With major markets like the U.S and China held of until last week or so, the sales of the new line of smartphones running the beautiful WP Mango at 2 million units look very healthy and promising.
  3. Lumia has received very positive response from consumers and reviewers in general for its beautifully different design.
  4. AT&T is completely on board with the launch. I have been to a couple of AT&T stores, and Lumia had a prominent place in the store with signage all over the store walls. Unlike in the past with other WP devices, store employees were eager to sell you a Lumia.
  5. Nokia has a friend and ally with deep pockets – Microsoft. Microsoft and Nokia both need each other to succeed in the mobile market.
  6. Nokia’s hardware design capabilities are second to none.
  7. Nokia’s software capabilities are ages ahead of the troves of android phone set makers.
  8. There is only one line of smartphones in the market that truly differentiates in both hardware and software(materials, colors and functionality) all the other smartphones available in the market – Lumias.
  9.  It wouldn’t be much of exaggeration to say that Nokia has channels and presence in every single country on the planet. It also has established relationship with mobile carriers in these markets.
  10. If it takes a Microsoft acquisition to make it all work, Microsoft will do it.
  11. Microsoft now has fans – a rather unfair review on The Verge received 2500 comments,(when the usual comment for a blog entry is under 100), much of it coming from people who should be considered fans/well wishers of Microkia.
  12. People love an underdog who is capable, and that underdog is nowMicrokia. Think Different(ly)

While it is still early days in the transition of Nokia from Symbian/Feature phones to Lumia and, possibly, Windows 8 tablets, Nokia will not only survive, but is likely to thrive in the coming years.



22 Thoughts on “Nokia & The Shortage of Good Analysts.

  1. great write-up.

  2. Shahroom on April 12, 2012 at 11:21 AM said:

    great analysis… After hating microsoft for more than 7 years, now I’m a fan of them… WP7 is a great product….

  3. Rev_Android on April 12, 2012 at 12:04 PM said:

    What a steaming pile of ………………….

    “It is no secret that Nokia’s traditional symbian smartphone business is in trouble. Analysts should not be surprised by this, but they were”

    Any analysts report I read knows Android is eating Nokia’s Symbian lunch, look at China, android now has 80% of the market, and the WP7 to be launched there are the limited Tango, with linkedin, facebook and twitter removed from the people hub as well as xbox integration disabled.

    “Nokia’s software capabilities are ages ahead of the troves of android phone set makers.”

    facepalm……………WP7 can’t even multitask………

    Anyways thanks for the laugh………………..but I will stick to the wall street analysis.

  4. I know you’re trolling, but please.

    Multi-tasking? Of course it does.

    Linked-in, FB and twitter removed in China? You betcha. As the Chinese Government why. 

    Go troll somewhere else kid.

  5. AaronDotNET on April 12, 2012 at 12:17 PM said:

     “facepalm……………WP7 can’t even multitask………”

    Facepalm……………..WP7 has had multitasking since Mango

  6. Rev_Android on April 12, 2012 at 12:34 PM said:

    task switching is NOT multitasking………………

    dumb asses don’t even know what multi-tasking is…thats you too thomas.

    OK can I run 5 different games ALL at the same time and they will ALL play away without pausing if they are out of focus ????

    OFC not…they are tomb stoned…………..

    PS thats why that POS Skype Beta doesn’t work unless it is in focus……..IT DOESN’T MULTITASK.

    PS that ain’t trolling………………..facepalm

  7. AaronDotNET on April 12, 2012 at 12:53 PM said:

    Keep digging your hole deeper.  WP does support real time multitasking by exposing certain API’s that developers can use to keep some processes, such as music, running in the background.  For other stuff, the OS does exactly what it SHOULD do, which is yes, freeze the app.  As long as the dev implements it, the app will remain loaded in memory and resume instantly.  I like my apps remaining in memory but I do NOT want them to keep using CPU and draining battery life when I am not using them.  And then there are the OS stuff that will run in the background, such as downloads and built in apps.  WP and iOS handle this the correct way.  Android does not.  This is a phone, not a PC where I want to have programs running in the background.

    So yes, WP has multitasking, even if you dont feel its “pure” enough …………………. facepalm.

  8. Rev_Android on April 12, 2012 at 1:08 PM said:

    Thanks for clarifying that….WP7 does NOT have multi-tasking.

    Just one of the many reasons people are not buying it and it has 1.4% marketshare.

    PS here is a REAL analysts report

  9. AaronDotNET on April 12, 2012 at 1:17 PM said:

    Alright, if you want to have the opinion that WP doesn’t have pure multitasking because you want full unregulated multitasking of all apps, then sure that is fine.  Its your choice.  As for myself, I prefer an OS which implements a stricter and more regulated approach to multitasking because I don’t want my phone battery life to drain and I don’t want to have to worry about forgetting to kill a task when I put the phone in my pocket.  So we each have our preferred OS.  All I ask is that you make sure to troll iOS articles as much as WP articles because both systems use the same fundamental approach to multitasking.

  10. @ReverendAndroid

    Spreading the Android Gospel since 2010

    super creepy

  11. Rev_Android on April 12, 2012 at 2:03 PM said:

    Wow! what luck I have this week!, I walked into an o2 store in London last week and I ran into Stephen Elop !, he was not supposed to be there and was sitting in a corner examining customers……….not even the employees knew……………they seemed to think he was there to watch them so they looked a little scared. But he wasnt there for that…..he was just doing a walk by. The customers were going about there business…..but I spotted him………..I made sure it was him before I approached him to say hello. I also didnt want to embarrass him so I walked calmly to him.

    The conversation went well! we started talking about Phones…………and of course eventually I got to the Nokia N900. He definitely knows alot about the N900! He soon realised that I did too……way more than him………………………..I couldnt help it and mentioned Microsoft may be interested in My Samsung Galaxy S2.I told him I wasnt sure why…………He tried to make it unoticable, but I could tell he was a little bit bothered……………………..I showed him pictures online including my new Nexus……..wich he recognised and knows well………..but never saw a Silver model like mine and as cool looking…………he Offered to buy it!

    I didnt know what to say… I acted like I didnt hear him…………….he asked me how much I want for it………and I said I didnt know…….it has a few problems…………and he said he will offer me £1000….right on the Spot.

    He gave me a Cheque! I dont know if it is real yet since it was Friday………..but will cash it Monday!

    He asked me to just drop it off at the o2 store.and he will ask management to ship it to him.

    What a strange week! is this a C-O-N-spiracy?

  12. Subhi on April 12, 2012 at 3:23 PM said:

    Microsoft is sitting on more than 50 billion in cash and they add 4-6 billion to that pile every quarter. I refer you back to my point #10

  13. Subhi on April 12, 2012 at 3:31 PM said:

    I briefly looked at your profile, and from all the comments you have been posting at various blogs, it is clear that you are just trolling. That article you linked is from April 4th. We don’t need to rely on someone’s opinion from before Lumia went on sale. We have better indicators.

    Sorry, we have to agree to disagree. Move along.

  14. briguy266 on April 12, 2012 at 4:22 PM said:

    Why do you need full multitasking on a phone, to kill your battery? The way WP handles multitasking an unknown to the common user as it mimmicks real multitasking. Your point would be valid if you could work with multiple windows at once, but you can’t so it seems like a huge waste of resources. 

  15. briguy266 on April 12, 2012 at 4:23 PM said:

    This guy is just another bullet point of how the Lumia 900 will/is succeeding.

  16.  hi there troll.

     taking a break from posting irrelevant, misleading and ultimately pointless comments on every nokia/windows 7 article from endgadget?

  17. Guest on April 14, 2012 at 6:41 PM said:

    I think this is one of the points that Windows Phone has done right when compared to Android (specifically). I think iPhone also has a similar behaviour where it tombstones, but you still see people constantly closing programs (they are apparently not informed about what the iPhone is doing, or the apps are actually still running?)-
    If you only have screen real-estate to show one program as you do on a smartphone, you can’t multi-task properly anyway. You’ll just be switching programs to the foreground. Although there are a few limited scenarios where you want “real” multi-tasking (which are largely delivered by background agents in WP), the cost of forcing users to manage all their apps is arguably more greater and results in reduced battery-life and/or User eXperience because developers simply don’t use this power appropriately. 

  18. Guest on April 14, 2012 at 6:47 PM said:

    One thing to add: The Windows Phone OS is multi-threaded and supports multi-tasking internally and there is no real technical issue as to why “full” multi-tasking can’t be implemented (in fact, OS components use this themselves). The Windows Phone team however made a conscious decision to implement app multi-tasking in this way to enhance the UX & Battery Life.

    As a developer, I see Microsoft increasingly changing their platforms such that the developer has less control, and only lets developers implement features in a way that does not compromise the UX or Battery Life etc. (E.g. WinRT – any long-running operations must be async – keep the UI responsive any only allowing multi-tasking via special background agents that don’t result in poor battery life). I’m kinda neutral on this topic, as it takes more effort from the Developer but results in a better UX.

  19. What are you talking about, 
    WP7 DOES  have multi-tasking, and it works GREAT.

  20. “It is no secret that Nokia’s traditional symbian smartphone business is in trouble”
    if symbian is in trouble, ….then WP7 is in deep shit

  21. Could be, but you won’t know it until you come out of the shit that you are already in .

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