Unapolegetic Apple fan MG Siegler declared Spec Dead back in Novermber 2011. I, sort of, agree with that sentiment. Yes, Spec is useless unless it serves some useful purpose in terms of user experience and functionality. It is actually even worse – higher specs that don’t ┬áserve any useful purpose actually drains resources like battery, thus contributing to a worse UX than otherwise.

John Gruber another Apple fan blogging at Daring Fireball concurred. That was a widely accepted sentiment across the network of Apple fans – look at the number of “likes” that MG Siegler post received.

I am staring to wonder why the Apple community is trying to beat the Nokia Lumia 900 with the spec schtick? Does anyone know?

To be fair to both Siegler & Gruber, I am not aware of either of them making such an inconvenient 180 degree turn themselves.


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