I have said  many times before that Google is a one dimensional company that makes money from Ads, almost exclusively through their search engine service. Here is a break down of their revenue from ads.

Chief Minister (somewhat similar to a governor of state in the U.S) of my home state of Kerala in India has installed live webcam in his office, viewable to the public 24/7. He is doing it in the name of transparency, but kickbacks, bribes etc happen outside of these offices. Oommen Chandy, from what I can gather, is a decent man for a politician, but corruption is all pervasive in India from the very bottom all the way to the top.

Staying on the topic of transparency of public officials in India, here is another incredible piece of news about the email accounts the officials use for official business – Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Gmail etc.

Another strike against Keynesianism – this time from near impossibility of executing “the plan”. Here is Larry Summers as quoted by Ezra Klein on his WP blog:

And even if Congress was willing to green-light more money, spending it turned out to be harder than the Keynesians had hoped. “Anybody who is honest and knowledgeable will say it is harder to move money quickly and well in reality than it is in the textbook model. I don’t think the idea that lots more money could have been moved is credible unless there had been a whole set of prior planning,” Summers says.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Former COO of Microsoft, Robert Herbold, longs for authoritarianism

Here the differences are staggering. In every meeting we attended, with four
different customers of our company as well as representatives from four
different arms of the Chinese government, our hosts began their presentation
with a brief discussion of China’s new five-year-plan.

Don Boudreaux responds to Herbold

All is not well in the Middle Kingdom

China is a big bubble, I am so biased to believing this

If you don’t believe the China bubble, watch this youtube clip. You will be amazed.

To follow up on my earlier comment, there is more evidence that Microsoft is the winner when it comes to Android. This time it expands to Chrome OS.

Earlier in the week Microsoft announced that it signed a similar deal with Onkyo on Android patents. Microsoft is on a roll.

Online ad spending is on the way up, with Facebook leading the surge ( no surprise there). However, surprising figure in the mix is the growth share of Microsoft ( current and projected)

This is about as level headed Krugman is going to get. While he indulges in usual name calling his intellectual opponents, it is a lot more mellowed than it on his own blog. I have not watched to the Q&A session.

This article in WSJ came to my attention because of this remark by Prof. Robert Gordon:

Taken together many economists agree on how this recovery stacks up: “It is the worst, no question about it,” says Robert Gordon, a Northwestern University professor and a member of the National Bureau of Economic Research’s business cycle dating committee, which is widely considered the official arbiter of the beginning and end of recessions. His colleague, Stanford professor Robert Hall, who runs the committee, says it’s “absolutely right” that this is the worst recovery yet.

Macroeconomics by Robert Gordon happens to be the text book used for the Macroeconomics course I am taking this summer.


Texas creates 4 out of every 10 U.S jobs. Numbers are real says LA times.