H.L. Mencken:

“A young Ayn Rand once said I am the “one whom I admire as the greatest representative of a philosophy to which I want to dedicate my whole life.”

During the first half of the twentieth century, I was the most outspoken defender of liberty in America. I spent thousands of dollars challenging restrictions on freedom of the press. I boldly denounced President Woodrow Wilson for whipping up patriotic fervor to enter World War I, which cost me my job as a newspaper columnist.

I denounced Franklin Delano Roosevelt for amassing dangerous political power and for maneuvering to enter World War II, and again lost my newspaper job. Moreover, the President ridiculed me by name.

The government I live under has been my enemy all my active life, When it has not been engaged in silencing me it has been engaged in robbing me. So far as I can recall I have never had any contact with it that was not an outrage on my dignity and an attack on my security.”

Source: this FEE article.